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About Bill

A Seasoned Credit Union Economist

Following a long and productive career as Chief Economist and Chief Policy Officer for the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in Washington DC, Bill Hampel is now an economic consultant specializing in explaining trends in the economy and financial institutions to business leaders.

Bill served as Interim President/CEO of CUNA from June to September 2014. He was one of the association’s longest tenured executives, and a senior member of CUNA's advocacy team. 

Bill is an expert on the economy and credit union issues, and has been regularly interviewed by the media for stories appearing on major national television, radio and print outlets. He has also testified before Congress about a number of key credit union issues.

In 2017, Bill received the prestigious Herb Wegner Memorial Award.  See the video here.

Hampel holds a doctorate in economics from Iowa State University. He and his wife Diane live in Tampa. 

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